Ask a question about investing in rental property here!

People ask a question or three about investing in rental property almost every day here, but until now, they're the only ones who have received a reply.

That is, until we got access to the ability to turn your questions into a kind of open FAQ where you can ask questions about property investing, we can answer, and so can our visitors with their ideas.

The great thing about it is that it helps build the useful resources for others to find on this site. Fantastic!

Sharing the lessons we've learned about investing in rental property helps others to step more confidently on the same path.

Lots of different types of people read Investing in Property, from ordinary investors to accountants, lawyers and professional investors too. So join in the fun and ask something. Then see if there's something you can answer and "pay it forward"!

Ask a Question about Investing in Rental Property.

So... ask away!

Do you have a question about property investing that's not answered here or elswhere on this site?

Ask it here and we'll try our best to answer it for you. Sometimes there's some research involved, so please forgive us of we take a little while to post back.

Others can also comment (politely, please!) too and help you out. It's a bit like a forum and FAQ rolled into one!

Just remember, we're not financial advisers, so you should use the information we give here as a guide only (in relation to your personal circumstances) and see an accountant or financial adviser before proceeding further.

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Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with the student accomodation investments or Defence Housing Association investments?

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