Using Asset Management when Investing in Rental Property.

Asset Management, or Investment Management is generally for those property investors with larger portfolios that extend beyond just property or shares. It may also be that the investor hasn't got the time to manage it all themselves.

If you are an investor whose portfolio has expanded beyond your expertise or time to manage yourself, then this is something you really need to consider, as your property portfolio may suffer if you cannot pay enough attention to it.

Some of the largest financial services institutions in the world manage assets for investors. These institutions often control enormous portfolios, acting as fiduciary agents for you as an investor.

investment management services may include financial statement analysis, ongoing investment monitoring, and stock and/or asset selection on your behalf. They will also often research, deal and settle on properties and investments for you.

Choosing to use Investment Management

If you plan to use a management firm for your investment portfolio, be aware that there are several investment styles of investment management that these businesses can implement, for value, growth, market neutrality, indexed growth, and small capitalisation.

You need to consider your own risk profile, as each of these styles has special features and risk characteristics, which can change with the current financial environment. A manager who can change their tactics to create profit in any environment can be extremely valuable.

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