You're just beginning real estate investing...So where do you start?

Start your game of Monopoly - with real property investing!

There are many of means of beginning real estate investing, even if you don't have any money at all.

Yes, that's right! You don't actually need to have money to get started in real estate, but we cover some possible ways to get it later...

In fact, being here is probably one of the best places you can be to get started. Sometimes, I think it's better not to have any money at all when you are beginning real estate investing, because it can force you to learn a bit more before you dive in and make mistakes that can lose you a lot of money. That's what I did, because we (that is, myself and my husband) really had less than nothing when we started, and it caused me to look, listen and learn about investing from others for a while before I was actually able to dip my toe in the water with a real property.

I don't mean you should spend the rest of your life reading up on the subject either. That would be what I call "analysis paralysis". The whole point of this site is, after all, to help you pluck up the courage to get started. But I see so many people just dive right on in, buying a property that they think will make them money just because it needs "a bit of work", only to find out that the work it needs is going to cost them more than the end result will be worth.

So if you're just beginning real estate investing, you need to consider a few things:

If it's all too confusing, you might want to do a course for beginner investors, have a look at our Property Investing Glossary, and don't forget: if you get stuck, ask for some property investing help from a professional!

In this section:

Attitude to Investing is what success is all about.

What are Auction Clearance Rates and how can they help you make investment choices?

Do your Due Diligence and avoid the Property Lemon...

Don't know where to start at all? Learn How to Budget and you'll be on track in no time!

Did your Budget look a bit sick? Discover How to Save Money for investing in rental property.

Once you're done here, move on to Financing Rental Property and kick-start your investments!

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