Investing Clubs: Find like-minded people near you!

Investing clubs are set up by investors, for investors, whether they are interested in property, shares or business investment.

They are a place for property investors to share their experiences, ideas and knowledge with like-minded people in their local area. Clubs can also be set up by a group of friends who want to invest together for a common goal.

Either way, it's potentially a great support (away from the friends and family who can be really negative about your "risky" investing interests), and a place to celebrate when things go well.

Your club may be able to organise special speakers, or competitions, and exercises like paper-trading to help you learn as well.

Investing clubs are a place to meet like-minded people, share goals, celebrate triumphs...

Meetings can be held as suits the group: at weekly, monthly, or longer intervals depending on the members' goals. And they can be in a pub, club, restaurant, or even in the living rooms of the members.

I know it's sometimes difficult to find investing groups in a local area, which is why I set up this page: to help people find them!

For the purposes of this page, I believe true property investing clubs should have free membership and free meetings, or the only money taken should be a very small amount towards the hire of a meeting place if something really special is going on.

A proper club's only agenda should be helping its members, not selling them a product (right up to, and including, a fee for selling members an off-plan property).

Do you run a free property investing club in your local area?

Select your continent from the list below, and follow the links and instructions to suggest your club and its meeting times. You can list your club here if you cover other types of investing as well, as long as property investing is something covered by your activities.

Oh yes: It's free!

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Please note (and help us out)!

Whilst we take all care in choosing the submissions on these pages, to try and make sure that they fulfil all of these criteria, I'm sure at some point something will slip through.

If you find a "club" on these pages that is solely about trying to sell you any kind of product, please come back to our contact form, and let us know so we can reassess.

We will remove any club found to be violating these rules. They can pay to advertise their product elsewhere on this site!

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