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Investment books are your lifeblood if you want to make money to take you to financial freedom.

I've spoken before about getting yourself an education in real estate investing. The starting point is the library and doing some courses, but there are some books you need to buy - ones to go back and back to as references - and building your own collection of investment books on your shelves at home is very important.

There are the famous books about investing: ones that everyone reads, by authors such as Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and others....

You should read these books and consider buying them from our Property Book Shop, even though many people seem to avoid them precisely because they are so popular. They have excellent, sound advice for the beginner and the experienced investor alike. And buying them from the Property Book Shop helps support this site.

Books about investing don't just tell you how to put your money to good use either. There are many excellent books out there to teach you how to save, how to structure your finances, and even how to structure your time (or "design your life") more efficiently so that you have the freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Investing money is hard work at the beginning. No-one pretends otherwise, but it's important that you don't become a slave to money, or to a job in order to get the money to keep investing.

That's not the point of it.

Investing is really about the path to personal growth and financial freedom, so you mustn't avoid the personal development section of your local library or bookshop either. You're investing in yourself so that you can get the best out of everything you make and do.

I've talked elsewhere about getting yourself an education in property investing (link to Eductation in Property Investing page). Buying or accessing and reading books is a part of that education.

Through this section about your investment bookshelf, I'm going to try to introduce you to some of my favourites. The books which gave me my "Aha!" Moments and allowed me to make life-changing decisions based on the extra knowledge they gave me.

In this section:

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