The right property investing strategies for the right situation - that's how you become successful!

Property Investing Strategies are a little like playing chess at times!

How do you go about investing in property? How long is a piece of string? There are many property investing strategies to choose from, and you might like to pick one, or several!

The way you invest in property - like anything - depends on what you want to get out of it. That depends on the person and their requirements at any given stage of their life.

My personal strategy is to buy only property that is positively geared for cashflow, because I want to replace the income from my day job eventually, and use the time freed up to care for my family, to continue investing, or indulge my creative side, travel and learn more.

But that may not be for everyone. You may decide that for the time being, you need a tax break and would like some negatively-geared property. This is a useful technique that has both its uses and its pitfalls, and you have to know exactly why you are using it before you dive in.

During the course of your investing career, it may prove strategically sensible to remortgage, or refinance your property portfolio to get the most out of it, or you may choose to leave most of the hard work in someone else's hands by investing in lifestyle estates, Defence Forces Housing, or by investing in property through mutual funds.

Some like it old because they make their money by fixing problems. Some like new property because it might be more desirable and involve zero renovation and less maintenance for at least a while. There are also tax benefits to both,

You can choose to invest in a boom, or to invest in a downturn. Learning to do both effectively will give you the best opportunities to increase your overall wealth and income from property investing.

If you're still investing in the current downturn, you're probably looking to buy and hold any properties for a while. Use your renovation budget to increase the rental return, and don't expect to pass a property back to the market for a quick profit. If you're into building, you might not be aware that the Australian Government has subsidies for people building affordable housing for rental as well.

Right now, many countries are pushing for investments in infrastructure to keep people employed during the downturn, so getting into some of these developments may be an option as well. And of course it's often easy at the moment to buy property at wholesale prices.

There truly are opportunities everywhere if you make yourself aware of the different property investing strategies in this section. Just keep your eyes peeled for properties that fit in!

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