All the best property investing tips for prospective landlords!

There's always room for more useful property investing tips, whether you're just starting out, or you've been in the investment game for a while.

On these pages, you'll find a growing collection of ideas for landlords, as well as general tips for investing and building your portfolio. You'll also find observations from my own experiences that might seem a little off the wall, but have helped me avoid making the same mistakes again.

For instance, do you know what to look for when purchasing a good house or commercial space for rental? Do you know that you must always make your money when you buy, and not when you sell? Can you tell the difference between a good rental, a good fixer-upper (that you should sell on quickly), and a complete lemon (also known as a "money pit")?

Want the list of tips for getting rid of bad tenants, or spotting the nightmare tenants before you purchase (or give them a lease)? How about some contractual advice (and questions to ask) that will stop your investment from costing you more than necessary at the outset?

Before you get started, make sure you read these pages. I promise that they could save you thousands, because in quite a few cases they could have saved me (and my friends and contributors) just that if we had known or thought of them before we got started!

I won't wish you good luck, because luck shouldn't come into it. I can only wish you good success!

In this section:

Learn the Art of Being a Landlord

Get the Best Rental Return from your investment property.

Poor Mans Insurance: an innovative tip for landlords and tenants.

Why you need Landlords Insurance.

Got the Tenants From Hell?

What to do once you have Bad Tenants

Use this Tenant Checklist to avoid the bad ones at the start.

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