Property Staging - Dress it up and put it on show!

When you decide to take the next step and sell an investment property (or your own), property staging can be a brilliant way to ensure you get the most for your hard-earned investment.

While a stylist's job is all about the walls, floors and windows,a property stager's job is all about the living, breathing heart of a home.

That sounds funny, but it's true. A large percentage of people don't have a great sense of imagination, so it becomes your job as an investor to help your buyers along with some tangible ways to visualise themselves living in the property.

A cluttered children's room before property staging.

A cluttered and messy room doesn't allow your customers to appreciate the space available to them and picture themselves in your property.

Likewise, a completely empty room can feel just as small, because visitors cannot see what would fit into it in a well-designed layout.

A children's room after property staging is clean, clear and parents dream of seeing their kids in it.

Staging, using a professional stylist and stager, can help you realise this, by advising on things from de-cluttering, de-personalising (removing photos and trophies and personal nick-nacks) and reshuffling an already-furnished home.

An alternative is starting with an empty space and showing prospective buyers the best way they could use the space using attractive contemporary furnishings and a co-ordinated scheme. They can also do a range of things in between.

The Bottom Line

Staging should be considered another useful tool in your investing kit.

It's fairly common for a property stager to have some skills as a stylist and vice versa, so it can be worth finding one who does both. They can also frequently be hired to project manage renovations on your property, ranging from a full design and install, to just timetabling when to get the painters, drapers and electricians in, and even being there to let them in if you can't be there yourself.

A staging specialist should be flexible enough to help you make the most of the furniture and belongings you already own, or kit your empty property out in the latest styles for your target market.

What I do as a property stager.

Do you like this site? The knowledge that I have put together here comes from nearly fifteen years experience studying design and property investing. I have extensive knowledge from a range of fields, and a special interest in property staging for historic houses. If your home is a contemporary one, I can also stage it to the nines!

Many of the anecdotes you've read on this site come from my own experiences, from the experiences of colleagues, and stories I have heard in the field while working on investment properties and owner-occupied ones.

If you live in Sydney, Australia, you can hire me to advise on staging your investment property for rental or sale.

I have a range of contacts with the latest home furnishings to suit you property and your budget

I offer a range of services to cover just about any budget, so there's no need to be scared to give me a call and ask!

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