Property Styling helps you get the right design mix, first time.

The terms "property styling" and "property staging" are ones which have been bandied about a lot in recent years, both in the media, and in the investing community.

There is a difference between the two, and it is quite distinct, although both are about presenting your property to look the best it can:

Property Styling

A drab property in need of some fixes could probably use some styling! When you're an investor, sometimes it pays to get a little advice from specialists about the best way to tackle the problems a property can present.

A stylist takes a look at the overall property, and let you know how you can show it off at its best. You might have a problem with a room getting low light, and a property stylist can advise whether the solution is to remove some trees blocking light to the windows, simply changing the colour of the paint, or adding skylights.

The same bathroom before and after property styling.

This is an image of the same bathroom before and after I styled it. (I wasn't allowed in there for the first shot because there was asbestos removal in progress)

Some of these things may sound obvious, but property styling and the stylist's job goes deeper: perhaps you've unblocked the windows to let light in, and there is nothing wrong with the levels of insulation on the property, but a room still appears cold.

With the use of a stylist's training in design and the use of colour, property styling can help you select the right colours to bring warmth (or cool, or excitement...) to a room, and they may also have valuable suggestions for opening out spaces and making them more usable for modern families.

Your property stylist will use paint swatches to help bring out the best in your home.

Similarly, it is the stylist's job to know what is currently in fashion in home design, and what will remain classic for many years, while still being entirely up-to date. Some investors enjoy this part of their pasttime (professional or hobby), and spend a great deal of time absorbing what is going on in "Design Land". Others have no interest in it at all, but should realise that it is still an important consideration to getting the best bang for their buck. They also get to know a lot of good tradesmen, which can help when you are starting out!

The Bottom Line

Property styling should be considered another useful tool in your investing kit.

It's fairly common for a property stylist to have some skills as a property stager, and vice versa, so it can be worth finding one who does both. A stylist can also frequently be hired to project manage renovations on your property, ranging from a full design and install, to just timetabling when to get the painters, drapers and electricians in, and even being there to let them in if you can't be there yourself.

What I do as a property stylist.

Do you like this site? The knowledge that I have put together here comes from nearly fifteen years experience studying design and property investing, as well as a host of other related fields, including design in historic properties.

Many of the anecdotes you've read come from my own experiences, or from the experiences of colleagues, and stories I have heard in the field while working on investment properties and owner-occupied ones.

If you live in Sydney, Australia, you can hire me to advise on property styling for the rental or sale of your investment.

I can even help project manage your renovations if you don't have the time to do it yourself.

I offer a range of services to cover just about any budget, so there's no need to be scared to give me a call and ask!

You can contact me through the form below, or call my Mobile number during Sydney business hours (9am-5pm AEST, Monday to Friday). I also have a web site for my property styling and staging consultancy: Property By Bess

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I look forward to hearing from you!

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