Queensland Home Sustainability Declaration

Do you own, or are you planning to buy, a rental property in Queensland?

The Queensland Sustainability Declaration is a checklist that must be completed by a professional inspector for the vendor when selling a Class 1a building (which is a house or townhouse), or a Class 2 building (a unit) in that Australian state. It is intended to inform buyers about the sustainable features of a property, and to increase awareness of the value of such features within the wider community over time.

The Declaration is required to be filled out by a professional assessor and supplied by all vendors from the 1st January 2010. A seller's agent is not obliged to provide a printed copy to every prospective purchaser, but a copy must be conspicuously displayed at all times on the site when the property is open to the public for inspection.

It identifies the building's sustainability features in four key areas:

  1. Energy
  2. Water
  3. Safety
  4. Access

Growing concern about the impact or climate change has driven the Queensland Government to assess and improve the sustainability of housing. It is likely that other Australian states will follow suit.

When prospective buyers are encouraged to make informed choices about the sustainable performance of residential properties, they experience the benefits of lower energy and water costs, and are likely to live more comfortably in the better-controlled temperatures inside, as well as reducing greenhouse emissions.

The access and safety features are assessed because they make a home more liveable throughout the life stages of prospective buyers due to the reduced risk of trips and falls.

The Sustainability Declaration is expected to become a key marketing tool for private sellers and vendors using agents. In fact, private sellers and agents are not allowed to place advertisements for a Queensland property (including online listings, real estate agency windows, letterbox drops and all other advertising material), without including the declaration in them. The only publications excluded from this ruling are generic "for sale" signs and newspaper/magazine advertisements.

How do I get a copy of the Sustainabilty Declaration?

We understand that having a professional complete the Declaration for you is essential, so that nothing is missed. Inspections cost between AUD$69-99.

A copy of the declaration form is available on the Department of Infrastructure & Planning's web site.

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