The Investors Club

by Ralph Cartwright
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Ralph Cartwright

Ralph Cartwright

My name is Ralph Cartwright and I am a support member with The Investors Club. My job is to support my members in buying property all the way through from thinking about it and learning how to do it safely, through to the purchase. We offer many free services to our members and you can contact me via email at or via my web-site at You can also follow my blog postings via Twitter:

The Investors Club, or TIC as it is known, has been around for a long time, since 1994. Our record speaks for itself. We have grown over that time from helping a handful of members buy a couple of properties to now having over 90,000 member families receiving our free bi-monthly magazine and helping them to buy over $6 billion worth of property with no defaults.

Last year, our members purchased over 1,600 properties. Many of our members are so satisfied, they come back and buy more through the club and recommend us to their friends and families.

The strategy adopted by the club is simple: We aim for long term, consistent capital growth. We do that by targeting new or near new properties in growth locations. The choice of this type of property improves the long term capital growth performance in three main ways:
First: Less outlay on maintenance issues. This includes money, time and stress.
Second: Much better tax depreciation than targeting older properties.
Third: These properties tend to be in areas of high demand and growth areas resulting in lower vacancy rates.

Our properties are seldom cash-flow positive, at least at the start, but through proper advice from a good

broker or financial advisor, property can be purchased using none of your own cash.
Another pillar of our strategy is to never, never sell, which is why it is important to choose the right property to get that consistent, long-term capital growth.

Some groups suggest selling after a doubling cycle, investing the profit and, after paying capital gains tax, selling commissions and costs, living off the interest.

A typical property under this scenario might give you a $12,000 annual income after allowing for inflation and tax, so you can see that you need to be able to purchase several properties to reach this point.

What if you never sell ? Then you don't pay any tax or fees and any equity borrowed is tax free, so after the same amount of time, you might be able to access anywhere from $180,000 - $350,000 tax free. Obviously investing this to live off the interest will not be as good, but what if you lived off the capital for several years and then go back to the bank and did it all again ? You can, under this scenario, because you still own the property and it continues to go up in value.

Obviously these are very simplistic calculations to demonstrate the advantages of never selling and TIC has some great proprietary software to demonstrate how this might work for you.

The main points of difference between TIC and real estate agents and other groups, is that we are not tied to one particular development, or developer or post-code. Our researchers operate all around the country to bring you the best properties from every city so taking advantage of the differing property cycles in each location.

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Sep 23, 2015
Good post NEW
by: Eldora Reynolds

Hi! Thanks for your great articles!
May I share one of your articles on my site about Buy?

After publishing I will link for you as an author! Thanks!

Oct 02, 2010
Thanks Ralph!
by: Elizabeth Elwell-Cook

Thanks for your submission Ralph, and for the very interesting talk you and your team made at a local TIC meeting recently.

I invited you to submit to this site as a free service because I think The Investors Club offers a valuable free service to its members (the club makes its money by charging the vendors of the properties they sell a nominal fee), and can take a great deal of stress out of purchasing an investment property for those who are time-poor and like their very sensible strategy.

Your newsletters every couple of months are a welcome free resource as well!

Naturally, readers should always consider their personal circumstances when considering investment options, but I do recommend you give these guys a look!

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