Use water tanks in your rental property to attract the best tenants.

Having a water tank in your investment property is going to become more and more important in these times of severe climate change. While they don't necessarily add to the rental return on your property, that is something that is beginning to change, and change fast.

Tenants are realising that a rainwater tank makes the property more attractive, and they also realise that it saves them money. The less they have to spend on their day-to-day living expenses, the more likely they are to stick around… and that's what you want from good tenants!

Water tanks are a great way to help the environment, keep your rental property's garden looking good while helping to keep it low maintenance, and to reduce excess water charges for your happy tenants.

Rainwater tanks come in all shapes and sizes, and can be installed in some amazingly inconspicuous places:

Installing a water tank in your rental property will attract the right tenants.

  • Up the easement (narrow side) of the house where the utilities are kept.
  • Under decks
  • In the ground
  • …even on roofs or in them!

On Rural properties in Australia (and elsewhere) they are almost essential, in times when dams are becoming so low that water needs to be trucked in to keep towns alive, and in bushfire-prone areas.

If you own an investment property in a bushland or forested area, it's a really good idea to have a rainwater tank to help your tenants protect your precious investment (and their home, of course!) if there is a bushfire.

Now that we are becoming more aware of climate change, too, the Australian Government, NSW Government and other governments around the world are offering substantial rebates towards the installation of rainwater tanks on your property, including investment properties. It's worth checking this out.

So, as you are looking to lease out your rental properties, make a feature of these facts if you have a rainwater tank installed. The added bonus is that the tenants who care about such things are more likely to take care of your property!

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