Which is best?

by Robyn Weber
(Cotignac, France)

What adds more value: a bedroom, or a bigger bathroom?

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Apr 14, 2010
Choosing to add a bedroom or englarge the bathroom depends on the situation.
by: Elizabeth Elwell-Cook

In most cases, adding a bedroom to the house will add more value than just making the bathroom bigger than it currently is.

You do have to use your judgment though.

A bathroom the size of an ensuite in a three bedroom house is pretty pointless unless it offers everything (including a bath).

Would re-vamping it make it better? Is the bathroom really too small, or would rearranging it make it work?

Remember that in any four bedroom house, most people these days expect a second bathroom, even if it's a small ensuite off the master.

Also, in houses with two levels, people prefer to have the main bathroom on the same level as the bedrooms (usually upstairs) because it's safer than going downstairs in the dark during the night. Keeping a downstairs toilet in such cases is still good if you can, or reversing this idea and having just a toilet upstairs for midnight emergencies is also an option if your space is tight.

If you're still in doubt about the best way to move, have a look at modernised (this is important) properties with the same number of bedrooms (what you currently have, and what you're planning) in your suburb. See what is expected and compare the prices. Then talk to a couple of real estate agents in your area to see what they think would be the best choice for your property.

The key here is research. Good luck!

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