Wish lists for renos

by Esther

Just opening a discussion here really. When you are doing renovations on your own home, what do you wish for? If you suddenly had a spare $1,000,000 what would you build into your dream home?

I recently had a discussion with a friend about the best, practical ideas we have seen in renos that make them more liveable. I have seen a house that used the space from an unused stairwell (after an extension) turned into a two story drying closet, with racks that could be pulled down to the gound floor and clothes could be dried there in wet weather without using a drier (saving a fortune in electricity).

A woman I know who runs a cleaning business worked in a house that had a ducted vacuum system where you swept the dirt to a spot against the skirting boards - kicked it open and swept the dust in and away. There were several kids living there with asthma and various dust and pollen allergies, so there was no carpet in the house - apparently it worked really well and was very practical for floors that were swept at least once a day.

What simple improvements would you build into a house that are unusual but would be very practical?

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